Non Technical Skills Training Courses for Rail

Non-Technical skills are essential for all engineers, as problems are often a result of these softer skills rather than technical ability. Therefore, Network Rail are having a big push on these skills and all engineers need to be able to demonstrate these. 


With that in mind we have created an interactive face to face course, as we believe this is the best way to learn these skills. Our course is 5 days long and can be delivered all in one week, or as stand-alone sessions. Perfect for Safety Stand Down days.


The course modules include games, videos, discussion, quizzes, and a go on our Virtual Reality system.


The Network Rail competencies they cover are:



NTS COM – Non-Technical Skills – Communication (Day 1)



NTS WWO – Non-Technical Skills – Co-operation and Working with Others (Day 2)



NTS SA – Non-Technical Skills – Situational Awareness (Day 3)



NTS DMA – Non-Technical Skills – Decision Making and Action (Day 4)


NTS CON – Non-Technical Skills –Conscientiousness (Day 5)
NTS WM – Non-Technical Skills – Workload Management (Day 5)
NTS SM – Non-Technical Skills – Self Management (Day 5)


We can deliver this course at your workplace if you have a classroom with sufficient space and resources. We can take up to 25 people at a time. Alternatively, we can deliver it at our training school, but this is limited to 10 people.


Interested in Booking on one of these courses?  Then call our team on 01874 620 704 to see how we can help! Or just hit the button below.