Our Policies

Below are just some of our company policies but if you should want to know more then please feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below.


Quality Policy

4. Quality Policy Statement 2023v3.pdf
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ISO 9001

ISO9001 Certificate Q8692 (ID 25959).pdf
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Appeals and Complaints Procedure

20. Appeals and Complaints Procedure v1
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Health and Safety Policy

1. H&S Policy 2023 v5.pdf
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Safeguarding Policy

7. Safeguarding Policy 2023 v.2 docx.pdf
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Anti Bribery and Corruption policy

8. Anti Bribery and corruption policy V3
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Maternity Policy

12. Maternity Policy 2022 v3.pdf
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Employee Wellbeing Policy

14. Employee Wellbeing Policy.doc v2.pdf
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Modern Slavery Policy

16. Modern Slavery Policy 2022 v3 docx.p
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Drugs and Alcohol Policy

17. Drugs and Alcohol Guidance 2023 v3.p
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Conflict of Interest Policy

23. Conflict of Interest Policy v1.pdf
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Social Media Policy

25 Social Media PolicyVI.pdf
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Whistleblowing Policy

28. Whistle Blowing V1.pdf
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Learning, Teaching and Assessing Policy

33. Learning Teaching and Assessing Poli
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Environmental Policy

3. Environmental Policy 2022 v3.pdf
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Our Sustainability Policy

We at PMT&A are committed to reducing both our company’s impact on the environment and others using our services.


We have taken the green growth pledge and have created a comprehensive Green Growth Strategy to further our goal of making PMT&A more carbon neutral and more sustainable. 


Our Products and Services

We are now a paperless office, reducing our reliance on paper and cutting down on our use of printer inks and other products.


We are delivering mobile training provision to providers and individuals throughout the country which cuts down carbon emission from multiple car journeys and helps with the wellbeing of candidates.


We are now using new technology such as iPads on our courses which tremendously cuts down on paper, pens and other resources. Our assessors are also incorporating more digital aspects into the assessment process, cutting down on postage and further materials.

Using Land Energy and Water Wisely

Our energy and water providers are also committed to reducing waste and use green technologies for most of their processes. Any waste we produce is recycled where possible.

Wellbeing of Staff and Our Local Community

We support our employees to do community volunteering and participate as much as we can ourselves.


We have an inclusive recruitment policy and have close ties with local schools via our community interest company Huntingdon House which provides access for local kids to attain their Duke of Edinburgh awards from Bronze to Gold. We have helped over 500 young people over the last 10 years and almost all of our staff have completed their own Gold awards and now act as DofE leaders, volunteering their time to help out other DofE participants. You can learn more about our work here at www.breconshiredofe.org



We're committed to the next generation of young people!

We are committed to investing in the next generation including young people from any background. Over half of our staff are under 25 and we provide training for signalling apprenticeships for young people across the country to allow them access to new career paths.