Signalling Training

This is our mobile technical training room, in a bus.

We have replaced the insides of an old bus with technical signalling equipment to deliver signalling training across the country.


ARUP volunteered their apprentices to help with the design and we greatly appreciate the collaborative work we have achieved together.


Because we can bring the training to you with our bus, we can save individuals and companies from paying large costs whilst still delivering effective training.


Our bus is now available to deliver SMTH courses and our new Installation Training. We can deliver this so long as there is a place to park and plug the bus in.


If you are interested in using our bus for technical training purposes or for any other service please get in touch.

Signalling Installation Training

We have revamped Signalling Installation Training. The traditional Basic Signalling 1&2 have been around for years.  We have moved basic signalling training into the 21st Century and given it a revamp.


We have matched our training to the knowledge requirements for the IRSE Installation licences and the NVQs in Signalling Installation.  This means that you have evidence of your knowledge when you do your IRSE licence.


We have divided the course up into modules.  You can do the whole course or you can just do a single module.  For those who think they already have knowledge of some modules they can do the assessment for the module and if they pass they can get a certificate to show they already have this knowledge.


This is how the modules are split:

SMTH Training

New Courses - We can provide training for those who are new to SMTH.  If you have the equipment in your workplace then we can just provide a trainer for you.  If you don't have the equipment we can bring our bus to you as long as you can provide a classroom for the theory part of the course.   The training course is 5 days and then the assessment is 1 day per person.  (Max 5 people per course)


Re-certification - We can provide SMTH re-certification.  The assessment is one on one and is for one day.